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Industrial Pumps

When you need a new pump, we can help you select the one best pump for your specific application Then we’ll deliver it, service it, and stand behind it.

Estabrook is also one of ITT Goulds Pumps largest distributors servicing parts of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. Estabrook now uses The i-ALERT®2 equipment health monitor system on all of it’s ITT-Goulds Pumps. iALERT®2 combines the latest in Bluetooth® low energy and sensor technology into a rugged, safe, industrial certified package.

The i-ALERT®2 monitor puts monitoring and diagnostics in the hands of everyday users, empowering anyone to safely monitor equipment from a distance.


  • Goulds Pumps
    Centrifugal, ANSI, Mag Drive, Slurry, Sump, Submersible Split Case, Vertical Turbine

    Estabrook is an exclusive regional distributor serving Ohio and New York. The ANSI family of products (model 3196), horizontal split case products (3410, 3316) and mag drive product (3298) are specified and built from our inventory to meet your requirements. Contact us for more information or visit the Goulds Pumps / ITT Website.

  • Xylem / Goulds Water Technology Commercial and Water Market Solutions

    The G&L brand of stamped stainless steel pumps are clearly the choice of many original equipment manufacturers world wide. Estabrook has one of the largest inventories of Goulds Water Technology products in the US…..let us specify it, build it and ship it.  Contact us for more information or visit the Xylem/Goulds Website.

  • Warren Rupp Sandpiper Pumps
    Air-Operated Diaphragm pumps

    Estabrook is an exclusive Warren Rupp distributor in Ohio and stocks 1/4” thru 3” pumps. We can provide the materials for your unique requirements. Pump materials include aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, polypro and santoprene. We can deliver most units same day from our inventory. Contact us for more information or visit the Warren Rupp Website.

  • Gorman-Rupp Pumps
    Centrifugal Pumps, Self Priming Pumps, Trash Pumps

    Gorman-Rupp’s complete line of self-priming pumps are used in all industrial applications and are recognized world-wide. They also offer submersible pumps, rotatry gear pumps, package system, and waste water lift stations.Estabrook can select the best solution for your consideration. Contact us for more information or visit the Gorman-Rupp Website.

    Reciprocating • Centrifugal

    NOV, an industry leading manufacturer of Reciprocating Pumps, has an array of brand names such as National, Oilwell, GASO, Bear, and MSW.Estabrook can specify the best solution for your application requirement.
    Contact us for more information or visit the NOV Website.

    Mag-Drive Pumps, Drum/Barrel Pumps

    Finish Thompson, is a specialty pump manufacturer with expertise in construction using corrosion resistant materials. Their centrifugal pumps are available in both vertical and horizontal configurations. Pumps can be built with mechanical seals or magnetically coupled for sealless operation.

    Contact us for more information or visit the Finish Thompson Website.

  • A-C PUMP / ITT the the A-C Pump Web site.
    Centrifugal: Slurry, Rubber Lined, Split Case, Vertical Turbine

    Allis Chalmers is a “legacy” brand owned by ITT / Goulds Pumps. We can supply parts and units based on certain models as supported by ITT / Goulds Pumps. We can also offer options for current production model pumps to best suit your application needs.

    Contact us for more information or visit A-C PUMP / ITT the the A-C Pump Website.

    Replacement Pump Parts

    ProCast, an ITT Corporation, is an alternate source provider of performance engineered replacement parts for pumps and rotating equipment. When price or supply becomes a road block, let our account manager source alternative channels to meet your critical needs.

    Contact us for more information or visit the ProCast Website.

    Gear Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps,
    Mag Drive Pumps

    Pulsafeeder, an Idex Corporation, is a specialty pump manufacturer in metering products and niche applications. Pumps include The Eastern Centrichem, The Eclipse, The ECO Gearchem, and The Pulsatron series. Let our technical people work with you to find the best equipment for your facility.

    Contact us for more information or visit the Pulsafeeder Website.