System Solutions


Estabrook is a quality provider of automated, electrical, and mechanical solutions. We offer turnkey solutions for your system requirements. Our experienced engineering staff along with our extensive product offering is a winning combination when it comes to meeting your system requirements.

From the initial drawing to the final product, our in-house capabilities allow us to design, engineer, and manufacture your system while minimizing the need for outsourcing which maximizes our overall control of cost and time management. Estabrook is ready to assist with your system requirements.

  • Control Panels

    Estabrook in conjunction with its sister company, Estabrook Assembly Services Inc., manufactures custom electrical and pneumatic control panels to meet your needs. In addition to manufacturing your control panel, we have full engineering capabilities that include PLC, HMI, and SCADA programming. We work directly with many major manufacturers and can offer a competitive solution. Estabrook has the capabilities to satisfy your control panel requirements.

    Looking for System Solutions?
    Visit the our sister company EASI (Estabrook Assembly Services) Website.

  • Pump Smart/ITT

    PumpSmart offers process control and pump protection for virtually every industrial process. PumpSmart will periodically monitor your pump performance and automatically issue warnings when pump wear has reduced the performance of your pump.

    PumpSmart provides the greatest number of ways to improve your systems: Advanced Pump Control, Protection, and Optimization logic designed to prevent failures, improve pump reliability and maximize the Flow Economy of your process systems. PumpSmart provides the next level in intelligent pumping by using a standard variable frequency drive and directly embedding pump specific algorithms into the drive.

    There are two ways to benefit using Pump Smart:

    1. Integrated Process Control
    2. Drive for the DCS

    PumpSmart is pump-specific and was developed to protect the pump and optimize pump control. PumpSmart can be applied to any manufacturer’s centrifugal or positive displacement pump.

    Contact us for more information or visit the PumpSmart Website.