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Protect Your Investment With Estabrook

​Estabrook representatives are available along with factory field experts to provide coating recommendations to best meet your specific requirements.  Estabrook teams up with your applicator or a network of applicators to assure excellence in system installation. 

Estabrook also has the ability to spray thin-film coatings on equipment, directly in our shop.

ARC Industria Coatings logo

ARC Industrial Coatings

bucket of an ARC Industrial Coatings coating

Chesterton® ARC Industrial Coatings provides advanced protection for metal and concrete substrates across a wide spectrum of challenging applications.  ARC Coatings are engineered and specially formulated to deliver superior performance against erosion, corrosion, abrasion, and chemical attack.


ARC Industrial Coatings can substantially improve flow characteristics in pumps & rotating equipment through reduced surface energy & increased smoothness.  Chesterton’s low-VOC, 100% solids protective coatings provide long-term protection for critical industrial processes and equipment efficiency.

ARC is Chesterton's product line of Industrial Coatings.

Protective Floorings & Linings logo

Protective Floorings & Linings

Protective Floorings and Linings factory

Protective Floorings & Linings (PF&L) is a leader in high-performance epoxy and vinyl ester flooring and lining products. PF&L coating systems are designed to meet a wide range of concrete and metal service applications.

Industrial coatings are available from thin-film 15 mils systems to high build broadcast/trowel-applied ¼” overlayings. These specially formulated, highly chemical resistant polymers systems yield monolithic barriers that are extremely effective in secondary containments, process floor areas, and tank linings.

PF&L coating systems provide maximum chemical resistance in the most aggressive environments. 

How Does Restoration / Coating
Improve Pump Performance?

importance of restoration and coating infographic
Restoration and Coating Infographic
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