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Offering Turnkey Solutions for Your Requirements

Estabrook is a quality provider of custom automated, electrical, and mechanical solutions. Our experienced engineering staff, along with our extensive product offerings, is a winning combination when it comes to meeting your system requirements.

Our Total System Solutions process sets us apart from the competition. Estabrook seeks to understand and solve our customers’ needs. We analyze complex process conditions and convert them to our Total System Solutions utilizing pumps, valves, seals, service & repair, and controls. As experts in fluid handling, we are uniquely positioned to capture performance data, analyze it, and then provide action to deliver your Total System Solution.

From the initial drawing to your final product, our in-house capabilities allow us to design, engineer and manufacture your system while minimizing the need for outsourcing. This maximizes our overall control of cost and time management.

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The Pieces of the Total System Puzzle


The components mentioned below are just some of the ways in which we create a total system solution.   

Capturing data is the way of the world now, and being able to effectively analyze the information and most importantly take action against it is what Estabrook is doing to partner with its clients. 

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