Delivering, Servicing, and Standing Behind Your Investment

When you need a new pump, the professionals at Estabrook can work with you to select the best pump for your company’s specific application. With our industrial pumps, we commit to our motto to deliver, service, and stand behind the industrial pump that you purchase. 

The hallmark of Estabrook’s industrial pump distribution is its partnership with ITT Goulds Pumps. Estabrook is one of ITT Goulds Pumps' largest distributors and currently serves parts of the Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia regions. Included in most of Estabrook’s ITT Goulds Pumps is the i-ALERT®2 health monitoring system. The i-ALERT®2 system brings together the latest in Bluetooth® low energy and sensor technology into a rugged, safe, industrial certified package.

The inclusion of the i-ALERT®2 system allows for everyday users of the industrial pumps to monitor and view diagnostics for the product. This empowers individual users to protect their industrial pumps from a safe distance. Explore all of our industrial pump offerings below.

How Does Restoration/Coating Improve

Pump Performance?

ITT Goulds Pumps logo

ITT Goulds Pumps


two ITT Goulds Pumps products

Estabrook distributes and manufactures solutions for the following ITT Goulds Pumps products:

• Centrifugal

• ANSI (model 3196)

• Mag Drive (model 3298)

• Slurry        

• Sump

• Horizontal Submersible Split Case (model 3316 and 3410)          

• Vertical Turbines

These offerings are built specifically for your use case and requirements.

ITT PumpSmart logo



the new PumpSmart design

PumpSmart offers process control and pump protection for virtually every industrial process. PumpSmart will periodically monitor your pump performance and automatically issue warnings when pump wear has reduced overall performance. PumpSmart provides the greatest number of ways to improve your systems: 

  • Advanced Pump Control

  • Optimization Logic

  • Protection

The system is designed to prevent failures, improve pump reliability, and maximize the flow economy of your process systems. PumpSmart provides the next level in intelligent pumping by using a standard variable frequency drive and directly embedding pump-specific algorithms into the device.

ITT ProCast logo


ITT ProCast products

ProCast, an ITT Corporation, is an alternate source provider of performance engineered replacement parts for pumps and rotating equipment.


When price or supply becomes a roadblock, let our account manager source alternative channels to meet your critical needs. If you require replacement parts, contact us today.

Goulds Water Technology logo

Goulds Water


two Goulds Water Technology devices

The G&L line of stamped stainless steel industrial pumps is the premier choice for many global original equipment manufacturers. Estabrook carries one of the largest inventories of Goulds Water Technology pumps in the US, including:

  • Xylem

  • Commercial Solutions

  • Water Market Solutions

We can build and ship your Goulds Water Technology pump following your requirements. 

Warren Rupp logo

Warren Rupp


two Warren Rupp pumps

Estabrook is the exclusive Warren Rupp distributor in Ohio and currently stocks ¼” through 3” pumps in its inventory. We have the materials for your unique use cases, including aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, polypro, and Santoprene. Estabrook also can deliver products same-day, including:

  • Sandpiper Pumps

  • Air-Operated Diaphragm Pumps

To learn more about our capabilities with Warren Rupp industrial pumps, get in touch with us today.

Gorman-Rupp logo


two Gorman-Rupp pump

Gorman-Rupp’s complete line of self-priming pumps are used in all industrial applications and are recognized worldwide. Estabrook’s offerings of Gorman-Rupp products include:

  • Centrifugal Pumps

  • Package Systems

  • Rotary Gear Pumps

  • Self Priming Pumps

  • Submersible Pumps

  • Trash Pumps

  • Wastewater Lift Stations

Estabrook can work with you to select the best solution for your needs. 

Finish Thompon logo

Finish Thompson

a mag-drive pump from Finish Thompsn Inc.

Finish Thompson is a specialty pump manufacturer with expertise in construction using corrosion-resistant materials. Their centrifugal pumps are available in both vertical and horizontal configurations. Our Finish Thompson offerings include:

  • Barrel Pumps

  • Drum Pumps

  • Mag-Drive Pumps


Estabrook can build any Finish Thompson pump with mechanical seals or magnetic couplers for a seal-less operation.

Pulsafeeder logo



Pulsafeeder device

Pulsafeeder, an Idex Corporation, is a pump manufacturer specializing in metering products and niche applications. Their pumps include the Eastern Centrichem, the Eclipse, the ECO Gearchem, and the Pulsatron series. Estabrook also offers:

  • Centrifugal Pumps

  • Gear Pumps

  • Mag Drive Pumps


Let our technicians work with you to find the best equipment for your facility.

Continental logo


Continental pump

Estabrook represents Continental’s complete line of progressive cavity pumps for the commercial and industrial markets.  CP Pumps for low flow and viscosity, CL Pumps allowing interchangeability, CM Pumps to handle higher horsepower and pressures, and CG Pumps to handle heavier applications such as sewage waste, polluted liquids and slurries.

Sero logo


example of Sero pump

Estabrook represents Sero multifunction side channel pump engineered to meet low flow / high differential heads, low NPSH requirements, high entrained gas capabilities, and sealless magnetic drive options.

Tuthill logo



side view of Tuthill pump

We distribute Tuthill’s Kinney vacuum pumps for degasifiers, vacuum packaging, vapor recovery, sterilization, extruders, vacuum furnace, and chemical processing.

Cascade logo


two Cascade pumps

Estabrook exclusively distributes Cascade’s axial and mixed flow pumps for custom engineered low head, high-capacity pumps up to 200,000 GPM. 

Hoss logo


close-up of a Hoss pump

Hoss Pump Systems are customized horizontal surface pumps complete with a cooling package, instrumentation, ladder box skid and patented horizontal thrust chamber design.  

Rheinhutte Pumpen logo


two Rhenhutte Pumpen products

Rheinhutte Pumpen, recently acquired by ITT Corporation, can supply the right solution for sophisticated pumping applications.  


As the specialist in corrosion and wear resistant materials, the centrifugal pumps range in three major material groups: Ceramic, Alloy and Non-Metallic Chemical pumps.