Versatile Offerings for a Variety of Applications

For companies in the industrial equipment industry, there are a wide variety of projects that need assistance with industrial fluid sealing. This is where Estabrook best serves. No matter what your specific sealing requirement is, Estabrook has the engineered products and services to provide maximum performance and reliability.

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Chesterton is a diverse manufacturer of sealing devices and specialty performance products. Their long history in packing and sealing provides a vast product line that will be a solution to your sealing needs.

Estabrook is committed to improving your mean time between failure. We have the solution for you!

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Inpro/Seal sealing devices

Inpro/Seal is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of permanent bearing protection. Custom solutions are made to order for your specific rotating equipment.

Estabrook will review your application and provide you with a solution.

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SpiralTrac sealing devices

The SpiralTrac™ Environmental Controller is an exclusive and patented throat-bushing specially engineered to reduce downtime and extend equipment life. With unique versions designed to work with both Chesterton® mechanical seals and packing, SpiralTrac modifies the flows that exist inside rotating processing equipment.

three Chesterton sealing devices