Estabrook has long prided itself on the knowledge that we could not survive as a corporation without the contributions of each of our key players on our team. Conversely, we do not survive as a whole by emphasizing and relying on only individual employees. Since our founding in 1965, Estabrook has continued to grow due to the diligence, foresight, and skills of our dedicated team.

"The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts"

Meet Our Managers

Jeff Tarr, 
President and CEO
40 Years with Estabrook in 2020
Rich Zsigray,
Chief Operating Officer
25 Years with Estabrook in 2020
Kelly Sutula,
Chief Financial Officer
35 Years with Estabrook in 2022
Sue Stiegelmeier​,
Advertising Manager
30 Years with Estabrook in 2019
Bob Abramczyk,
Sales Manager: 
10 Years with Estabrook in 2020
Amie Appling,
Human Resource Manager
25 Years with Estabrook in 2019
Kyle Tarr​,
Operations Supervisor
20 Years with Estabrook in 2022
Eric Milavickas​,
Sales Manager: Pumps/Systems
5 Years with  Estabrook in 2022
Brad Tarr​,
Sales Manager - Sealing Devices
10 Years with Estabrook in 2021

Employee Spotlights

Joe Shell, Account Manager

25 Years with Estabrook



Joe started his career at Estabrook in April 1997 as an Application Engineer. Today, Joe is responsible for selecting & quoting pumps and other industrial equipment for our customers in the Northwest and Southeast Ohio regions. He also supports a few of our key, long-standing OEM accounts. 

Joe has mentioned that he has learned a tremendous amount during his 25 years at Estabrook. Whether it's a chemical plant, food & beverage manufacturer, municipality, OEM, or general contractor, his broad experiences over the years have allowed him to provide the best solutions for our clients' needs. 

When asked about one key thing that motivates him about his job, Joe mentioned that it is the satisfaction of solving problems and taking care of our valued customers. One particular project that comes to mind is a problem that Joe and the Estabrook team solved at a municipal water plant. Due to excessive water main pipe breaks under the streets, a review of the municipality's system found that two 500hp booster pumps would sometimes over pressure the system. By applying the ITT Goulds PumpSmart "pump specific" controller to these units, they set the desired pressure, resolving the problem. This solution achieved an estimated 50% reduction in main line breaks. Since then, the municipality has fitted other pumps in the plant with these controllers. 

When asked what part of his job is customer service related, Joe not surprisingly answered 100%!

Ed Tondra, Sales Engineer

25 Years with Estabrook



Ed originally started at Estabrook as an Applications Engineer and helped assist in startups of Aquavar's and PumpSmart's variable speed controllers that were just hitting the marketplace in 1997. He worked in inside sales for five-and-a-half years before taking over the current Eastern Ohio territory.

When asked what motivates him to wake up and go to work each day, Ed replied that his wife and three kids are behind his need to be productive and help customers resolve their process issues. Plus, not to mention that college is really expensive these days!

Ed says that no two days are alike during his day-to-day work in his position in Outside Sales. He feels lucky to go out and see many different processes and help customers improve their systems, increase productivity, and reduce downtime. Each customer is unique with their "hot buttons" and what they want to accomplish. He enjoys partnering with them to help them achieve what they are looking for.

During downtime, Ed loves spending time outdoors with his wife and kids. He and his family do everything from boating, jet skiing, water skiing, kayaking, and riding ATVs/UTVs. 

Ed has developed three very advantageous philosophies over the years in his career and personal life: (1) Do what you say you are going to do; (2) There is no such thing as over-communicating; and (3) Work smart, then work hard.
These three things have worked well for Ed over the years!