Estabrook has long prided itself on the knowledge that we could not survive as a corporation without the contributions of each of our key players on our team. Conversely, we do not survive as a whole by emphasizing and relying on only individual employees. Since our founding in 1965, Estabrook has continued to grow due to the diligence, foresight, and skills of our dedicated team.

"The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts"

Meet Our Managers

Jeff Tarr, 
President and CEO
40 Years with Estabrook in 2020
Rich Zsigray,
Chief Operating Officer
25 Years with Estabrook in 2020
Kelly Sutula,
Chief Financial Officer
35 Years with Estabrook in 2022
Sue Stiegelmeier​,
Advertising Manager
30 Years with Estabrook in 2019
Bob Abramczyk,
Sales Manager: 
10 Years with Estabrook in 2020
Amie Appling,
Human Resource Manager
25 Years with Estabrook in 2019
Kyle Tarr​,
Operations Supervisor
20 Years with Estabrook in 2022
Eric Milavickas​,
Sales Manager: Pumps/Systems
5 Years with  Estabrook in 2022
Brad Tarr​,
Sales Manager - Sealing Devices
10 Years with Estabrook in 2021

Employee Spotlights

Ross Tuccio, New York Repair Facility Foreman
18 Years with Estabrook



Ross started with Estabrook as a Repairs Mechanic in 2004, later becoming our New York Repair Facility Foreman in 2010. Today, Ross runs the day-to-day operations of the New York shop, which includes supervising shop personnel; scheduling repairs, on-site services, and tech support; and managing the machining of parts.


Interacting with customers is at the core of the New York Repair Facility. After assessing a client’s needs, Ross will recommend a proposed work scope. From there, our Repair Coordinator Fran will quote the job directly to our customers. Ross also works with Estabrook’s account managers to better serve our customers’ needs for repairs, emergencies, on-site services, and more.  


Ross’ activities do not stop with the “hands-on” approach to his job. At any time, you can find Ross shipping and receiving products, sweeping floors, and changing the toilet paper in the restroom, all routine parts of his job!


Ross enjoys the daily projects that arise from challenges from Estabrook’s New York repair customers, challenges that test all our employees’ abilities & knowledge and promote growth. Out of all the projects Ross has had a hand in, the conversion of obsolete items to accept new style components—like bearings or seals—stands out. One example is the Morris Double-Ended Axial Flow Pumps at U.S. Salt. Estabrook converted these obsolete pumps to include mechanical seals from packing and redesigned the shaft and bearing housings to accommodate double angular contact bearings.


To sum up his career at Estabrook, Ross emphasizes that he has always liked working with our team of sales professionals, application engineers, and New York repair techs to achieve the goal of going the extra mile. He feels this, in turn, keeps our customers happy and returning to Estabrook for future service and repair needs.

Dave Purvis,
Inside Sales Engineer

17 Years with Estabrook



Dave began his career with Estabrook in 2005 as an Applications Engineer with 18 years of experience in various industrial environments. Since then, he has continually seen success as one of Estabrook’s valued inside salespeople. As he gets ready to retire, we caught up with him to spotlight his over 15-year tenure at Estabrook.


“The work that my coworkers and I do impacts the lives of many people,” Dave replies when asked what motivates him to go to work each day. “This includes each other, our suppliers, our customers, our customer’s customers, and, ultimately, the general public served by American industry. It is not glorious work, but it is an important responsibility,” he remarks.


Dave has emphasized that there is not one particular engineering project that stands out in his mind. Much of Dave’s work involves basic customer service spanning products and specialties, all of which he finds gratifying. However, he finds it most gratifying when he can use his knowledge of pumps, piping, and hydraulics to give a customer the best solution for their project. One recent example is a tank farm where the customer was looking to increase the capacity of one of their transfer lines to meet the needs of a new customer. Dave determined that the suction piping and tank level would not allow them to meet their desired flow rate without cavitating the pump. However, he was able to help them maximize the flow rate for their existing piping and electrical supply.


When we spotlight our employees, we always ask for one thing we don’t know about them. To this question, Dave responded that he is very involved in an organization that serves high school kids called “Young Life.” His involvement with this organization coincides with his sage advice for newbies entering the industrial marketplace. “Over the years, I have become increasingly better at anticipating the needs of my customers, occasionally even knowing when they need something different than what they asked for. This comes both from experience and the effort to see a situation from the customer’s perspective,” Dave shares.  He feels that making the effort to see things from their perspective is what plays the bigger role in anticipating how to best meet their needs.


From the Estabrook Team, we all wish Dave a Happy Retirement and much enjoyment in the years to come!