Estabrook has long prided itself on the knowledge that we could not survive as a corporation without the contributions of each of our key players on our team. Conversely, we do not survive as a whole by emphasizing and relying on only individual employees. Since our founding in 1965, Estabrook has continued to grow due to the diligence, foresight, and skills of our dedicated team.

"The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts"

Meet Our Managers

Jeff Tarr, 
President and CEO
40 Years with Estabrook in 2020
Rich Zsigray,
Chief Operating Officer
25 Years with Estabrook in 2020
Kelly Sutula,
Chief Financial Officer
35 Years with Estabrook in 2022
Sue Stiegelmeier​,
Advertising Manager
30 Years with Estabrook in 2019
Bob Abramczyk,
Sales Manager: 
10 Years with Estabrook in 2020
Amie Appling,
Human Resource Manager
25 Years with Estabrook in 2019
Kyle Tarr​,
Operations Supervisor
20 Years with Estabrook in 2022
Eric Milavickas​,
Sales Manager: Pumps/Systems
5 Years with  Estabrook in 2022
Brad Tarr​,
Sales Manager - Sealing Devices
10 Years with Estabrook in 2021

Employee Spotlights

Eric Kirkwood, Application Engineer

20 Years with Estabrook



Eric Kirkwood joined Estabrook in July 2002 as an Application Engineer, specifically to help promote and sell Warren-Rupp's Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps, which was at the time Estabrook's new pump line. Twenty years later, Eric provides inside application assistance to the

Petroleum Facilities for the American Petroleum Institute Market (API) and chemical plants for some of our critical customers. He also now provides inside application and engineering responsibilities for our Southwest Ohio Territory with a large customer base of steel manufacturers.

Throughout Eric's career with Estabrook, he has progressed from quoting & selling pumps in the

$4K to $10K range in his previous job to those well over $1M, a significant increase! During his tenure at Estabrook, Eric has learned a tremendous amount about pumping equipment, plus associated items like valves, mechanical seals, different pump technologies, and how to promote & sell them due to the numerous lines Estabrook handles.

Eric has mentioned that the highlight of working for Estabrook is that he looks forward to providing customers with a solution to a problem application they have. He enjoys opportunities to provide customers with "top notch" products designed to their specific use cases. He knows that each day will bring a completely different set of challenges. Providing solutions is what truly motivates him to come to work.


Outside of work, Eric has an affection for is his enthusiasm for American muscle cars and classic

rock & progressive music, coupled with a fanatical hobby of collecting sports cards that he started when he was a youth. He is also active in two Northern Ohio hiking groups that meet in local Metroparks and travel to special locations for day-long outings.


Eric points to an important fact from his successful career with Estabrook: communication with customers is far more important than he ever realized. He has taken this message to heart and feels that we owe it to our customers to provide timely communications—good or bad—to give them confidence we are working for them.


Estabrook is proud to have such a dedicated and knowledgeable employee that has successfully moved up the ranks over the past 20 years. Eric has proven he is concerned about our customers' needs and, most importantly, has always been responsive in providing smart and timely solutions.

Dawne Jordan, Production Coordinator

20 Years with Estabrook



Dawne started her career at Estabrook in February 1999. Today, she serves as Estabrook's Production Coordinator, focusing on ensuring the on-time arrival of products for new pump builds. In the era of COVID and global supply chain constraints, Dawne has remained dedicated

and steadfast through all her responsibilities to keep products moving. In addition to her duties as Estabrook's Expeditor, Dawne also oversees the company's inventory, shipping & receiving, returns & claims, and LTL freight inbound & outbound matters. Dawne's work touches each

corner of Estabrook's operations.

Dawne originally began her career at Estabrook in its Parts Department. After three years, she took on the role of starting up the Chesterton Seal Line that Estabrook launched in 2002. After nine months and much success, Estabrook hired a new full-time employee for the Chesterton Seal Line role as the Parts Department needed Dawne back. After serving in the Parts Department for a couple more years, she earned a promotion to Production Coordinator. However, her roots in the Parts Department remain active as she is also busy as a backup when team members are out.

Dawne has acknowledged that the current state of supply chains can produce challenges with shipping and receiving. However, she also has expressed confidence in her role. Dawne realized from her first day in 1999 that she could handle anything thrown her way. The confidence she exudes from knowing she can solve problems that arise gives great service and results to

Estabrook's customers. This is what motivates Dawne to wake up each morning and come to work!

In her over 20 years of work at Estabrook, one project stands out for Dawne. She points to the challenge of taking on the role of entering orders for the Chesterton Seal Line back in 2002. That position took her away from her initial job in the Parts Department for nine months. She averaged up to 30+ orders a day—a huge task to take on—but Dawne handled it with confidence and efficiency.


Outside of work, most people do not know that Dawne is an avid moviegoer; she goes 25-30 times a year! She also enjoys cooking & baking, bowling, gardening & landscaping, and small projects. Plus, she loves to travel. Dawne feels that the diversity in all the positions she has undertaken helps her to give Estabrookand its customers the best customer service and ability to solve client needs.