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Estabrook has long prided itself on the knowledge that we could not survive as a corporation without the contributions of each of our key players on our team. Conversely, we do not survive as a whole by emphasizing and relying on only individual employees. Since our founding in 1965, Estabrook has continued to grow due to the diligence, foresight, and skills of our dedicated team.

"The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts"

Meet Our Managers

Jeff Tarr, 
President and CEO
40 Years with Estabrook in 2020
Rich Zsigray,
Chief Operating Officer
25 Years with Estabrook in 2020
Kelly Sutula,
Chief Financial Officer
35 Years with Estabrook in 2022
Sue Stiegelmeier​,
Advertising Manager
30 Years with Estabrook in 2019
Bob Abramczyk,
Sales Manager: 
10 Years with Estabrook in 2020
Amie Appling,
Human Resource Manager
25 Years with Estabrook in 2019
Kyle Tarr​,
Operations Supervisor
20 Years with Estabrook in 2022
Eric Milavickas​,
Sales Manager: Pumps/Systems
5 Years with  Estabrook in 2022
Brad Tarr​,
Sales Manager - Sealing Devices
10 Years with Estabrook in 2021

Employee Spotlight

Evonne Dennis

15 Years with Estabrook


Evonne started at Estabrook in 2008 as a secretary. Since then, she has moved into the Repair Coordinator position, working directly with sales, customers, and vendors.


When asked about her career evolution at Estabrook, she responds, "Where do I begin? When I started at Estabrook, I came from a career where my hours were long, the job was stressful, and travel was required. I wanted a job that would allow me to be home at night and be the best mom I could be to my children. My interview with Kelly went seamlessly. I felt like I just belonged here and accepted the job. I started as a secretary. Part of my position as a secretary was going back into the repair department and helping the coordinator with various responsibilities. I learned the repair system and continued to move forward in the company. I was offered the Repair Coordinator position in March 2017."


Continuing, "Since that time, I have worked hard to understand everything there is to know about pumps. It has not always been easy, but I work with incredible people who have continually guided me. Since accepting the coordinating position, we have redesigned our Repair Department with new processes that allow us to streamline repairs. The customer feedback has been great, and it makes me feel like all the work put into the changes was well worth it."


Regarding her motivation in her position at Estabrook, Evonne shared that she loves her job: "There are no two days alike. You come in to work thinking you are going to accomplish one thing, but there is always an emergency or a fire to put out along the way. It keeps me on my toes and is never boring."


And, speaking of putting out fires, Evonne mentioned that there was a particular project at Estabrook that stands out as one that showcases her expertise and problem-solving skills: The famous Morton Salt pump survey, which took many months of prep work to create! Plus, she had to roll all the information into one neat (not so little) binder. The project opened the door to establishing a solid relationship with Morton Salt, which remains solid short.


When asked what's something most people don't know about you? Her response: "Hmmm...

  • I am known as Aunt Bawnie to my nieces and nephews, but my sisters call me Chut-la (long story, lol)

  • I am afraid of clowns

  • I love the 90-degree, 100% humidity sweltering days of summer

  • July 4th is my absolute favorite holiday

  • I eat peanut butter on my burgers (so good)

  • I once belonged to the Ricky Schroder fan club

  • My first car was a snotty green colored Maverick (which I think is cool now, but not so much back then)

  • I love to dance

  • I come from a large family with two sisters and four brothers

  • Coffee is my very best friend besides my 2-year-old grandson!"


Evonne has a motto from Sam Walton she uses daily: "Exceed your customer's expectations. If you do, they'll come back over and over. Give them what they want – and a little more."

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