Estabrook has long prided itself on the knowledge that we could not survive as a corporation without the contributions of each of our key players on our team. Conversely, we do not survive as a whole by emphasizing and relying on only individual employees. Since our founding in 1965, Estabrook has continued to grow due to the diligence, foresight, and skills of our dedicated team.

"The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts"

Meet Our Managers

Jeff Tarr, 
President and CEO
40 Years with Estabrook in 2020
Rich Zsigray,
Chief Operating Officer
25 Years with Estabrook in 2020
Kelly Sutula,
Chief Financial Officer
35 Years with Estabrook in 2022
Sue Stiegelmeier​,
Advertising Manager
30 Years with Estabrook in 2019
Bob Abramczyk,
Sales Manager: 
10 Years with Estabrook in 2020
Amie Appling,
Human Resource Manager
25 Years with Estabrook in 2019
Kyle Tarr​,
Operations Supervisor
20 Years with Estabrook in 2022
Eric Milavickas​,
Sales Manager: Pumps/Systems
5 Years with  Estabrook in 2022
Brad Tarr​,
Sales Manager - Sealing Devices
10 Years with Estabrook in 2021

Employee Spotlights

Deb Jordan, Parts Coordinator

35 Years with Estabrook in 2021


Deb began her employment at Estabrook in 1989, first hired to sell industrial pump parts. Early on in her role, Estabrook recognized Deb as a hard worker who liked to take on new challenges. It was clear that Deb would always go the extra mile to execute a parts order for a customer.


As a result of her diligent work ethic, Deb has had the opportunity to wear many hats throughout the years at Estabrook. For example, she was in charge of inventory and the annual inventory counting. As the company grew, Deb became responsible for running the build-up shop. At the same time, she still sold parts. Additionally, she previously had handled returns and warranties.


Deb loves her job, and every day she comes to work is like a new day of different quotes, problems, and orders. She found these job aspects exciting when she first came to work 32 years ago and still does! After all these years, she is back to her main forte: selling industrial pump parts. Estabrook has hired more employees who handle many things she used to do. She is now training her replacement as retirement is soon approaching.


Deb has enjoyed all these years helping her customers get their equipment up and running.

Mark Sacharski, Repair Foreman

32 Years with Estabrook in 2021


Mark started at Estabrook in 1989 after being interviewed by the owner, Owen Stiegelmeier, who offered him the job on the spot during the interview. He began his Estabrook career as a machinist whose job was to repair pump parts. Eventually, he worked his way up to building pumps. Over time, this position evolved into being the repair shop foreman. 

Mark has always enjoyed fixing things or trying to figure out how to make things work better. Furthermore, he also enjoys the company of the people he works with each day.  

A perfect example of Mark's expertise was a job that involved Goulds Corporation, Pall Corporation, and Brownwood County, Texas. With this project, there was a problem with a new water purification system.


Mark and Estabrook's Sales Manger went to Texas to look at the system. They immediately discovered the problem, resolved it, and removed the damaged parts, shipping them back to Estabrook to redesign. After, Estabrook returned the units to Texas and oversaw their installation.


In his decades with Estabrook, Mark has most enjoyed the many different people, personalities, industries, and situations he's had the opportunity to work with.

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