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Expanding Its Array of Industrial Equipment

Estabrook also distributes for a variety of fluid control valve and actuator manufacturers. Whether your workflow requires a butterfly valve or a premium Italian valve, Estabrook has the proper equipment and expertise to serve you. Find the right solution for you by exploring our manufacturer partners below.



ASCO Solenoid Valves

ASCO Valve, a division of Emerson Industrial Automation, is the world’s leading manufacturer of solenoid valves. Estabrook is a stocking distributor for ASCO Redhat products as well as a qualified “Valve Assembler.” ASCO’s valves in our inventory include:

  • Air Operated Valves

  • Manual Reset Valves

  • Pressure Switches

  • Temperature Switches



Max-Electric Industrial Grade Actuators

Max-Air introduces Max-Electric, a complete and comprehensive group of 5 different series of industrial grade electric actuators to meet your application requirements 

 The 5 lines are standard quarter turn electric actuators of industrial design offering non-failsafe, mechanical failsafe, and Supercap failsafe options.



Titan Flow Control Check Valves

Titan Flow Control is a high quality manufacturer of Check Valves, Pipeline Strainers, Pump Products, Fabricated Designs, and Pipeline accessories.



Pratt Knife Gate or Slide Gate Valves

Pratt designs and manufactures virtually any configuration of manual or actuated fabricated knife gate or slide gate valve you require for your industrial equipment to complement its vast offering of standard cast valves for almost every industry and application.



JamFlow Ball Valves

JamFlow offers 1, 2 and 3 piece ball valves. They also offer a complete series of threaded and flanged 3-way T-port or L-port styles.


Also available are 2 and 3 piece ball valves with direct mounts for actuation.


Sesto Valves

Sesto Premium Ball Valves

Sesto Valves is a premium ball valve manufacturer with over thirty years of engineering experience.


Sesto valves are 100% engineered, manufactured, and tested in Italy with complete control of product quality and material traceability.


Delta T

DeltaT Butterfly Valves

Estabrook has had great success in reducing our customers’ costs and providing a quality butterfly valve that can compete with any manufacturer with Delta T products. Our current inventory includes:

  • 050/051 series butterfly valves (1 ½-8 inch in iron body metallurgy)

  • 650/651 series butterfly valves (2-24 inches in stainless steel)



Simtech Ball and Butterfly Valves

Simtech’s complete line of Engineered Plastic manual or actuated ball and butterfly valves, diaphragm and check valves, pressure relief and regulation, piping systems and accessories, offers everything required to optimize and control your Corrosion-Resistant project.



Bonomi Valves and Actuated Offerings

Bonomi of Italy has been a leading valve manufacturer since 1901. We offer a wide range of products through Bonomi USA. Their product line includes:

  • ANSI 150/300 wafer valves

  • Ball valves

  • Direct mount butterfly valves

  • Gas ball valves

  • Inline check valves

  • Pneumatic and electric actuated offerings



Flo-Tite Manual Ball Valves

Flo-Tite Inc. is a manufacturer of high-quality manual ball valves and actuation equipment.


Estabrook can assist you in your next design project with manual and actuated ball valves in discrete on & off or proportionally-controlled assemblies.



Max-Air Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatic actuators using a rack and pinion design are a standard in valve automation. Max-Air Technology has been a close partner of Estabrook for over a decade, and currently provides:

  • Aluminum Actuators

  • Limit Switches 

  • NAMUR Solenoids

  • Positioners

  • Technopolymer Actuators


Warren Controls

Warren Controls Precision Control Valves

As a leading manufacturer of precision control valves and level controls, Warren is a go-to option for many process control applications. Warren offers four broad product lines for industrial process valves:

  1. ANSI Class 300

  2. Building Automation Control Valves

  3. Mechanical Level Controls for Deaerators and Boilers

  4. Military/Marine Valves


Watson McDaniel

 Watson McDaniel Valves

Watson McDaniel’s complete line of products offers everything you need to optimize and control your steam or heat transfer fluid process. Their offerings include:

  • Compact control valves 

  • Pilot-Operated pressure & temperature regulating valves

  • Self-Operated temperature regulating valves




Numatics offers renowned FLR filters and regulator air preparation. Current offerings include:

  • High Flow Series 50

  • Miniature Series 12

  • The Modular Flexiblok Series


We will work with you to ensure product longevity and reduced maintenance of your air preparation requirements.



Tru-Flo Stainless Steel Valve Products

Focusing on the food, pharmaceutical and beverage industries, Tru-Flo offers stainless steel valve products for sanitary services. Valves available are:

  • Butterfly

  • Disc Spring

  • Diverter

  • Multi Port

  • Tri-Clamped Sanitary Ball


Tru-Flo products are ISO 9002 certified to meet your quality expectations.

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