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Goulds 3405M 4X6-11

Estabrook Service & Repair • Before & After

Our Initial Inspection:

Upon receiving the equipment from the customer, we disassembled and cleaned the pump. We also blast cleaned the case to check its condition. Our inspection of the Goulds pump highlighted the following:

  • The casing was eroded beyond installing mechanical seals,

  • The shaft drive bearing fit was undersized,

  • The sleeves were previously metalized and needed to be replaced,

  • The impeller vanes were eroded,

  • The drive bearing housing was stepped and too large,

  • The casing stuffing boxes were eroded,

  • The ring clearances were in fair condition;


Our Service & Repair Work:

Our team replaced many of the pump’s parts to elevate it to a first-class operating condition. We also repaired the case, impeller, and drive bearing housing. The pump exterior was painted safety blue and the impeller was rebalanced to meet ISO standards before pick-up by the customer.

Goulds 3405M 4X6-11 Before Repair


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