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Goulds DEAF 20x20-20

Small Pan Circulator

Estabrook Service & Repair • Before & After

Our Initial Inspection:

After receiving the pump from the customer, our team disassembled and thoroughly cleaned the piece of equipment. Subsequently, we performed our initial inspection, which resulted in the following findings:

  • The thrust bearing cage pulled out of the bearing,

  • The thrust bearing housing was oversized,

  • The propeller had excessive clearance, along with pitted areas and an eroded vane,

  • The elbows had pitted areas;


Our Service & Repair Work:

Following the inspection, our team repaired the pump to put it back into a first-class operating condition. Estabrook replaced parts, balanced the impeller to the standard G6.3-1940 ISO specifications, and repainted the exterior safety blue.

Goulds DEAF 20x20-20 Small Pan Circulator Before Repair


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