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 Pulsafeeder 7440H-S-AE

Estabrook Service & Repair • Before & After

Our Initial Inspection:

Once the pump arrived at our Berea repair shop, Estabrook’s team disassembled and cleaned the piece of equipment. After, we inspected the Pulsafeeder pump, yielding the following observations:

  • The oil was severely contaminated and needed replacing,

  • The motor was quite loud and needed replacing,

  • The pump’s parts were worn as a result of service;

Our Service & Repair Work:

With the inspection highlighting the parts needing replacement, our team’s work centered around re-assembling the Pulsafeeder pump with brand new parts. We also repainted all of the exterior surfaces to put the pump back into a first-class operating condition.

 Pulsafeeder 7440H-S-AE Before Repair


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