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Ingersoll Rand 18NK

Estabrook Service & Repair • Before & After

Our Initial Inspection:

After disassembling and cleaning the pump, our inspection revealed multiple areas needing attention:

  • The ring clearances were over the maximum allowed,

  • The bottom shaft bearing fit was scored, while the top fit was very worn,

  • The suction bell bearing was both scored and oversized,

  • Two of the bowl bearings were overly worn,

  • The thrust top bowl was in disrepair, especially with the OD threads,

  • The rubber spider bearing was worn,

  • The stuffing box bearing was pulled out of the stuffing box, and the stuffing box fit going into the head was loose,

  • The clearance between the pipe and top bowl was too large;


Our Service & Repair Work:

With nearly all components of the pump in poor condition, Estabrook’s Service & Repair Department blast cleaned and replaced all identified parts. Subsequently, our team individually serviced the discharge head, impellers, suction bell, #2 bowl, and the top bowl. We balanced the impeller to the proper ISO specifications, painted the exterior safety blue, and delivered the repaired equipment to the customer.

Ingersoll Rand 18NK Before Repair


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